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In 1966 Paul McCartney wrote Eleanor Rigby, a song about the neglected concerns and fates of the elderly.  Although some would say that we haven’t learned or done enough about the problem in the 54 years since, many, volunteer organisation have done much. However suicide, depression, anxiety and problems with alcohol and medications are issues some older Australians still face on a day-to-day basis.

The many of the problems seniors face today stem from social isolation, loneliness in other words. Covid-19 has compounded these problems; we are facing a pandemic of isolation.

We at Volwing are very proud of the work that has gone into getting this grant and planning our ‘Combating Social Isolation in Seniors’ program. Bronwyn Colcott (Chair), Helen Wooby ( Manager) and Barry Stewart (Vice Chair) have worked through the lockdown to have everything and everyone ready to go.

Since the Minister’s recent announcement, we can start to rollout the program fulfilling our local part of this larger statewide scheme. With the help of Meals on Wheels, Community Transport and our local media we hope to reach many, if not all the lonely people.

Help is on it’s way

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on seniors in the Wingecarribee Shire, the NSW Government’s Combating Social Isolation for Seniors during COVID-19 program has been awarded to Volwing. We have developed the project to reduce social isolation for seniors aged 65 years and over, or 55 years and over for Aboriginal people in our area.

A Free Service for Seniors in isolation

This program aims to combat social isolation and social distancing for seniors during the COVID-19 through the provision of quality social connection opportunities for seniors. You are the target for this program: seniors who are socially isolated or at risk of isolation. This is a free service.

How it works for you – by phone

Our Volwing CSI volunteers team have been chosen for their compassion and empathy. They are trained in how to direct you to get the assistance you need from external organisations, and to keep in-touch with you on a regular basis.

They are the go-to people for help, or just for a friendly chat throughout the period of isolation.

How it works for you – online

If you are computer savvy, we will show you how to use ‘Zoom’ or similar as a communications platform. This enables face-to-face communications with your Volwing volunteer and enables you to enjoy online conversations with others. Online safety and scam avoidance is another important part of this training.

To get started, fill-in this short on-line form with your contact details or
Call Volwing on 4869 4617 – Hours 9 to 5 Mon – Fri.