Seniors and New Information Technology

Volwing is diversifying. We are launching a new program, involving seniors and new information technology. The initiative is called TechKnow, the intention is that younger people will teach older people.

The program will provide support for interested older people to develop IT skills so they can stay connected, informed and enjoy a safe experience online. It has been shown that connectedness can reduce isolation.

Most older people prefer ageing at home, they want to stay in their own home but they need to plan ahead so it suits them in their older age. Technology and connectedness are key to this planning. Our program will not be limited to older people in residential aged care.

The TechKnow initiative in the Southern Highlands has funding support from the Australian Government’s Be Connected Program, from IMB Bank Community Foundation and from Veolia Mulwaree Trust.

Volwing currently is recruiting volunteer mentors. Young people tend to take the use of digital devices for granted. Meeting older people who have never used a computer, tablet or mobile phone, and explaining how it opens up a whole new world of connectedness, is likely to be engaging and rewarding.

If you are interested in becoming a TechKnow volunteer mentor, please contact Volwing on 02 4869 4617.